brisbane's quirky suburban secrets

Brisbane has all kinds of quirky secrets strewn throughout suburbia that a majority of local residents don't even know are there. 

It's these quirks that bring a little more meaning and wonder to the things we see in our day to day lives. Not everything we do has to be planned and prepared. There are so many little treasures in this city that might just simply be stumbled upon. Little things like the 12 quirky suburban secrets revealed below. 

Air Raid Shelters

Standing the test of time, Brisbane's heritage listed air raid shelter in Newstead is one of the few remaining remnants of the impact World War II had on the civilian population of this city...more 

Street Libraries

Scattered across Brisbane, these tiny libraries go unnoticed by the many pass byers as they sit unassumingly out in the open, just waiting for people to have a look at the gorgeous little selection of books within...more   

Bee Gees House

To the people out of the know it's just a house, but to those who are lucky enough to know, this house in Scarborough held within its beams the brothers who are now music royalty...more  

Cloudland Memorial Arch

This beautiful arch in Bowen Hills is all that remains of the once booming Cloudland Dance Hall until it was destroyed illegally creating a public outcry for the loss of not just a building but of a place where reality could be escaped and nights could be danced away...more

Francis Lookout

Situated atop of Corinda Hill, this picturesque burial ground of the Francis family overlooks panoramic views of the district with the last interment in 1966...more 

Granite House

With a history of social whirlwind, this 1860s-build acquired its reputation through the large family that resided there and its lush renovations as well as its royal guests including the future king of England, George V...more 

Tram Tracks & Tram Pos

Remnants from the past of an era left behind, a small remainder of Brisbane's old tram lines run along Old Cleveland Rd with the preserved red post of stop number 26 marking what was once the old tram stop...more     

Holy Triad Temple

Built in 1886, this beautifully traditional joss house hidden away in the back streets of Breakfast Creek commemorates Brisbane's burgeoning Cantonese community and is one of the few survivors of the many built...more      

Julius St Flats

Having replaced James Campbell's timber mill after a devastating fire destroyed the factory in 1931, these apartments located in New Farm are situated on land with a history as contagious as Spanish Mission architecture was in the 30s...more   

Reservoir House

Originally a gravity-fuelled water reservoir, this quirky house was successfully transformed into a residential home by Robert Riddel architecture after being sold to a private buyer with an impressive vision...more    

Pilot Officer Geoffrey Memorial Seat

A spot for simple reflection, this hardy hand-crafted memorial seat set under the shade of a Jacaranda tree is one of Brisbane's less obvious but beautifully personal reminders of those lost in World War II...more      

Rainworth House

A relic of early settlement Australia right in the middle of Bardon, this one of few surviving timber houses sits almost completely un-renovated from its 1862 rustic farm cottage form...more    

By Ruby Bakewell-Doran 

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