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Francis Lookout corinda

Francis Lookout district views over Corinda

This tiny private burial ground c1863 sits atop a Corinda hill with the district’s best panoramic views. Like God’s Acre in Archerfield, it was set up in the mid 19th century on a dedicated acre of private land by the Francis family grieving for their dead son Clement.

The rest of the family and some other neighbouring families went on to be buried there as there was no other municipal cemetery around. In 1902 the decorative lychgate was set up by Clement’s mother Angela Francis as a memorial to her husband, with the barge boards carved by her friends.

The Francis family graves are located together within a white fence, with the last Francis, the wife of Angela’s son, buried here in 1937.

The other graves are scattered randomly, and of these the last interment was in 1966.


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