World Science Festival Brisbane

Join science experts in conversation when World Science Festival Brisbane brings together some of the best scientific minds to share the latest evidence, discoveries, theories and practical applications facing humankind today. 

WSF Conversation

The Golden Age of Space Exploration, Mar 22, QPAC, A$60, Con $55

Join renowned physicist Professor Brian Greene as he talks to NASA’s outgoing head scientist Thomas Zurbuchen, representatives from the European Space Agency, and private sector space exploration enterprises for a discussion of what the future holds as space exploration enters its new Golden Age.

WSF Conversation

Memory: The Hidden Pathways That Make Us Human, Mar 23, QPAC, A$35, Con $30

Brian Greene explores memory with neuroscientist Dr. Scott Fraser - who has succeeded in capturing the first-ever neural image of a memory being formed- along with author, psychiatrist and neuroscientist Veronica O’Keane, whose fascinating case histories provide unique insight into the memories that make us who we are.

WSF Conversation

Net Zero: Investing in the Future, Mar 24, QPAC, A$35, Con $30

Respected ABC journalist Fran Kelly discusses the coalition of science, technology and big investment with Interim Queensland Chief Scientist Bronwyn Harch, climate philanthropist and founder of Graeme Wood, electricity advocate Saul Griffith, entrepreneur Simon Holmes à Court and Co-CEO of 100% Renewables Barbara Albert.

WSF Conversation

Rewriting the Story of Humankind, Mar 26, QPAC, A$35, Con $30 

Understanding where we come from as a species has been one of the great goals of humankind, exploring the questions of where we come from and why we are here. In this discussion, Professor Lee Berger explores some of the greatest discoveries of the last two decades in the search for human origins.

WSF Conversation

The Unfolding Cosmos, Mar 26, QPAC, A$35, Con $30

In the year since it became fully operational, the James Webb Space Telescope has provided us with stunning new images of the cosmos. NASA’s top scientist, Nobel Laureate John Mather, joins Brian Greene and other top scientists for a conversation about the wonders that the JWST is revealing. 

WSF Conversation

The Future of Conservation: The Complexity of Assisted Species Migration, Mar 24, QPAC, A$35, Con $30

What effect is the climate crisis having on conservation? What needs to be considered when forced to move species to new environments to safeguard their survival? Rhianna Patrick discusses the complexity of conservation and assisted species migration with former Queensland Chief Scientist and respected conservationist, Professor Hugh Possingham. 

WSF Conversation

The Future is Insects, Mar 25, Queensland Museum, A$20, Con $15 

Humanity’s future relies on the continued existence of insects. They pollinate our crops, roll away dung, and provide a non-toxic, natural way to control other pests. Their ubiquitous abundance also makes them a great source of protein and a potential solution to global food security. A hand-picked team of leading insect experts will answer your toughest questions while sharing a nutritious canape of creepy-crawlies.

WSF Conversation

In The Shadows of Dinosaurs: Discovery Ancient Patagonia, Mar 26, Queensland Museum, A$20, Con $15 

Join renowned Argentinian Palaeontologist Ignacio Escapa on a journey back to the ancient environment of Patagonia, from the towering conifers to the bugs trampled underfoot, and how it all sustained the now famous gigantic reptiles that lived there.

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World Science Festival Brisbane


Mar 22-Apr 2, 2023


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