Santos Place


Not only is Santos Place - designed by progressive eco architects Donovan Hill and constructed by Hutchinson - Australia’s largest 6 star green building, visually it is the structure with a dozen different faces. Depending on which angle and distance it is viewed from, the intricate exterior details made up of hundreds of different coloured panels serve to catch or deflect light and thereby subtly alter its appearance.

And cleverly it is those details that are not just about aesthetics but contribute to its eco friendliness. Constructed from concrete that is 20% recycled and steel that is 90% recycled, the energy efficiency measures incorporated into its design include comprehensive sun shading from the crowds of multi-coloured little exterior panels, state of the art ventilation, solar panels that provide for 90% of its electricity needs and rooftop rainwater tanks. All of this means that it has 60% less greenhouse gas emissions than other comparable buildings.

Internally lighting is sensored to switch off if no movement is detected after five minutes and in the basement are 280 secure bicycle bays.

Santos Place

32 Turbot st



32 Turbot Street, Brisbane, Queensland