Butterfly Hill

Sunshine Coast

Located just east of Nambour, Butterfly Hill in Rosemount is a haven that offers visitors to the Sunshine Coast region the chance to hang out amidst some of nature’s gorgeous aerial artists, the vibrantly colourful and shy butterfly.

Butterfly Hill, Rosemount, Sunshine Coast

Established in 1967, Butterfly Hill is a small, family-friendly, privately-owned enterprise that gives punters the opportunity to get up-close-and-personal with these garden flitterers and learn about what makes them so special.

Butterfly Hill, Rosemount, Sunshine Coast

The guides - the owners themselves - love to share their knowledge and as you enter the shade cloth-covered butterfly house, you’re first ushered towards the nursery - a series of pop-up nets that house eggs, caterpillars (larvae), and chrysalis (pupa), and showcase the life cycles and stages of the critter's journey through metamorphosis.

Butterfly Hill, Rosemount, Sunshine Coast

Just to the other side, you’ll learn about different plants that butterflies love, and the owners are very proud to introduce you to an exhibit that houses another species of tiny creatures - so skilled in the art of natural camouflage that they're often extremely tricky to spot!

Butterfly Hill, Rosemount, Sunshine Coast

They are the unassuming stick insect. In fact, looking closely at the picture above, it’s hard to believe there are actually 6 stick insects in the shot, ranging from Spiny Leaf and Goliath to a member of the Titan species! Can you see them all?

Butterfly Hill, Rosemount, Sunshine Coast

As you can imagine in such an intimate, enclosed space as the butterfly confine, it can get humid. A small pond with a cherub-adorned water fountain keeps the water aerated, giving the butterflies a drinking source and keeping the air cool.

Butterfly Hill, Rosemount, Sunshine Coast

If you have to time to spare, it doubles as a nice spot to sit and watch the resident carp going about their business, and to simply marvel at the star attractions, darting and flitting all around you.

Butterfly Hill, Rosemount, Sunshine Coast

If you’re keen to populate your garden or balcony with plants that attract butterflies, a wander through the nursery area before you leave is just the ticket, with well-priced plants available to purchase.

Butterfly Hill, Rosemount, Sunshine Coast

You’ll find an array of greenery, such as Love Flower & Joyweed that are host plants, as well as a solid range of nectar providing plants – the food source for the adult butterflies.

Butterfly Hill, Rosemount, Sunshine Coast

There is a small gift shop that stocks a range of butterfly-inspired products, including handmade jewellery, cards, kids clothing and wall art. The stick insects make for a cool family pet with a difference and can be purchased, as well as insect enclosures for when you get them home.

Butterfly Hill, Rosemount, Sunshine Coast

Need to know – Whilst the butterflies are more than welcome to land on you, you’re not allowed to touch or try and catch them. Their wings are delicate and fragile, and easily damaged.

Butterfly Hill, Rosemount, Sunshine Coast

Need to know – There’s only space for a handful of cars to park on-street in front of the butterfly house, so you may need to park across the road. It can be quite a busy one, at times, so be wary when crossing, especially when littlies are in tow.

Nice to know – Butterflies are attracted to a mix of colours, with red, orange, yellow and purple being top of their must-visit list when it comes to flowers. To increase your luck of the butterflies landing on you, dress in bright coloured clothing.

By Danella Perrins

If you really love butterflies, check out our guide on where to see butterflies around Brisbane here. For more suggestions on a range of animal & wildlife experiences around SE Queensland, hop across to our guide here!

Butterfly Hill

28 Petrie Creek Rd



Opening hours

(Hours differ in winter)

0402 690 447


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