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Eskgrove east brisbane

Eskgrove house and garden in East Brisbane

Tucked away on a quiet riverside street sits this rare gem of a pre-separation house. Built in 1853 of sandstone, its first owner was an unfortunate Sydney banker who died shortly after moving in there with his family.

Subsequently they upped and returned to Sydney and the house then played host to a series of high profile tenants who were movers and shakers in colonial Brisbane including Governor Bowen’s private secretary Abram Moriarty and Portmaster of Queensland George Poynter Heath. In 1880 the Chief Engineer of Harbours & Rivers bought it and in 1885 Thomas Scanlan, a publican and later Mayor of South Brisbane joined the high profile tag team when he bought it.

In 1910 the Tritton family took over and it remained with them until 1966 after which time it was a nursing home and flats. Today it has been returned to a single residence and renamed Eskgrove.


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