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The Wine Bluffs brisbane powerhouse

The Wine Bluffs, Brisbane Powerhouse

You don't need to be a wine connoisseur to enjoy the latest case of comedy hitting the Brisbane Powerhouse stage November 16-18. The Wine Bluffs will make certain you'll know the difference between your Grange and your Cardboardeaux by night's end.

Australian funny men, Damian Callinan and Paul Calleja are not trained nor award-winning sommeliers, despite what they may have you believing. But they certainly know how to uncork, decant and pour out their wickedly funny views on the simplest of pleasures surrounding imbibing. 

The Wine Bluffs, Brisbane Powerhouse

Whether the wine you drink comes personally hand-picked by you from the cellar door, hastily grabbed because of the pretty label as you dash into your local bottlo, or it's one of those monthly 'value-packed surprise' deliveries you're not sure how to cancel, the winespeak they share will have you rolling in the aisle!

The Wine Bluffs, Brisbane Powerhouse

Like which wine to pair with Rainbow Paddle Pops, and why the Champagne Spider hasn't caught on. How to read a wine's aura, and what the blurb on the wine label really translates to are just some of the life lessons you'll learn. In fact, you'll wonder how you ever survived without these pearls of wisdom! 

There's even a 'Virtual Wine Bus Tour' that is intoxicatingly hilarious! One thing's for sure, you'll never look at the cellar door experience the same way again!

Damian Callinan has been a stalwart part of the comedic fabric that makes up the quintessential Australian film and television industry. He's woven his way through a successful career in comedy, music-based talk shows, radio and feature films with an unrelenting commitment to each genre.

When it comes to comedy, Paul Calleja's wit is sharper than the corkscrew on your favourite waiter's friend. Not only has he been a much-welcomed guest on many Australian TV and radio programs, he is also highly sought-after to write for some of our most popular shows, and is the true genius behind the speeches of quite a few of our celebrities.

Nice to know - Make a night of it and grab a drink or something to eat before the show.

Need to know - Carparking is free onsite and available in nearly streets, but consider using public transport as it can get busy.


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