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Judith Lucy & Denise Scott: Disappointments brisbane powerhouse

Disappointments Brisbane Powerhouse

Guaranteed not to disappoint are Australian comedy icons Judith Lucy and Denise Scott, in their hilarious hit show Disappointments at the Brisbane Powerhouse.

As solo performers, Scotty and Jude are at the top of the comedy tree so together they’ll be bringing the house down and making you laugh until your eyes water. They’re “hilariously unrestrained and unembarrassed” according to the Herald Sun, while the Sydney Morning Herald praised their “eye-opening, edgy, fun and life-affirming” show.

The pair shared the stage with their previous hit show, The Spiral, three years ago and luckily for audiences they’re doing it again. Says Judith Lucy about Denise Scott: “To be honest, my first choice was Celia Pacquoia but Scotty is ABSOLUTELY my second favourite comedian.” Scotty returns the favour by saying, “Years ago, when my career was going nowhere, Judith Lucy did a show with me that turned my life around. Now that Jude’s career has hit rock bottom, the least I can do is return the favour.”

Disappointments Brisbane Powerhouse

And the title of the show? The story goes that the two women are deliriously happy about their lives, their bodies, the people they share their time with etc. … at least that’s what it says on their Facebook pages. They invite you to come along and see what a crock of s*** that is because truthfully, their lives are full of … disappointments. But of course their pain will be our gain.

We’re promised that Judith and Denise will sing, dance, lie down a lot and learn to love their disappointments. Don’t miss it!


By Vicki Englund