Ben Quilty: Family Portrait


Ben Quilty: Family Portrait invites children of all ages to explore portraiture in an artist's studio setting at the Gallery of Modern Art until October 20.

Designed in collaboration with contemporary artist Ben Quilty and his two children, Joe (13) and Olivia (10), Family Portrait coincides with the Quilty exhibition at GOMA.  

Working with the artist, GOMA has recreated the world of his studio, set within the Children's Art Centre, featuring two interactive activities and a video filmed during a visit to Quilty's studio.

Family Portrait provides insight into Quilty's approach to making art, while Joe and Olivia also share their tips on drawing portraits, which is incorporated into an instructional video for children. 

Kids are encouraged to draw a portrait of a family member or friend, play with colour and abstraction to create a digital self-portrait, and experience Quilty’s work in a new way through painting replicas that you can touch.

This fantastic, free interactive exhibition is the perfect way for kids of any age to embrace their creativity.

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Ben Quilty: Family Portrait 


Stanley Pl

South Brisbane

Until Oct 20