Tjapaltjarri Marnkurrpa

Mitchell Fine Art

The Tjapaltjarri Marnkurrpa exhibition at Mitchell Fine Art showcases the works of three men from the Puntabi Nine - the last group of Aboriginal Australians to live a completely traditional existence.

This October marks the 35th anniversary of the last group of Aboriginal people to come out of the deserts of Central Australia and make contact with non Aboriginal Australia. To coincide with the anniversary, Mitchell Fine Art are hosting the exhibition ‘Tjapaltjarri Marnkurrpa which features works of three Puntabi Nine artists - Warlimpirrnga Tjapaltjarri, Walala Tjapaltjarri and Thomas Tjapaltjarri.

Mitchell Fine Art

On Saturday October 13th 1984 a small family group who had been living a semi nomadic hunter gather life, completely oblivious of the western world, came upon others of their language group who had travelled from the Aboriginal community of Kiwirrkurra. They were the last of a culture living as their ancestors had for millennia.

Mitchell Fine Art

In the years since that day most of the group have received high recognition as artists. Painting traditional stories and depictions of country they have established themselves as some of Australia’s leading Aboriginal artists.

Need to know - There will be a Director's Talk on Saturday Oct 19th at 2pm.

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Tjapaltjarri Marnkurrpa

Mitchell Fine Art

86 Arthur St

Fortitude Valley

Oct 16-Nov 9

Mon-Fri 10-5.30

Sat 10-5

Free entry


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