High Tea in a Box

Devon Pixies

Devon Pixies tea room is now offering high tea in a box to take home, for $25pp.

Included are dainty triangle sandwiches, fresh baked petit scones with jam and cream, a trio of sweet delights and 20g of loose leaf tea of your choice, with gluten free, vegan and dairy free options for an additional $5. 

Or, if you'd prefer Devonshire tea, a half fresh baked scones with dam and cream are available by the box, as are sweet treats and cupcakes.

Setting yourself up for your high tea in a box at home:

1. Click and collect your high tea in a box from Devon Pixies
2. Get the good table cloth out and place on your favourite garden table
3. Get the good China tea set out (warm it up gently if you haven’t used it in a while)
4. Make your tea that you selected
5. Sit down and enjoy, listen to nature, your favourite tunes, book, or podcast.
6. Keep enjoying! Allow yourself at least an hour to relax

Need to know - Pick up your high tea box at Devon Pixies.

Devon Pixies

55 Quinzeh Creek Rd

Logan Village


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