Gin & Beer Hand Sanitizer

A craft brewery and a bespoke gin distillery have joined forces to create hand sanitizer.

The two local Ipswich alcohol producers are teaming up to make sanitizer to help with the fight against COVID-19. 

Imbibis Craft Distillery in Marburg started making sanitizer last week due to the unprecedented demand driven by the virus outbreak, but can’t produce enough wash to distil into sanitizer. Local brewery Ballistic Springfield has agreed to produce the wash in order to keep the production flowing.

The sanitiser is produced in accordance with the WHO recipe and is a great example of how two small producers are collaborating and innovating in these tough times. Ballistic will make the wash in 1000L batches and it will be shipped to Marburg where it will be distilled.

Need to know - Customers can pre-order the sanitiser on the Imbibis website.

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