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While children of all ages are impressionable, an increased focus on the importance of gender equality has highlighted a key group that would benefit greatly through more personal and diverse support from female role models. These are your tween and teenage daughters who range in age from Year 7 to Year 12 at school.

This is where Brisbane business, FUEL comes in. With a suite of events and workshops led by extraordinary women in their own fields and lives, the company has specifically designed Girl Shaped Flames, a community that offers an impressive array of developmental opportunities for this female-only age bracket.

"Marches, quotas and women's support networks all have a really important part to play in achieving equality, both in and out of the workplace," Tanya Meessmann, FUEL founder says. "But where I saw an opportunity to affect real change was through 'skilling-up' the next generations that are coming through. These girls have fire in their bellies and if we can fan those flames through challenges, experiences and amazing role models, we'll be setting them on a course for amazing, and impactful, futures."

Women who have already jumped at the chance to be involved in this exciting mentoring program are triple Olympic gold medallist, Stephanie Rice (OAM), film director Rhiannon Bannenberg, Hollywood stunt artist and survival specialist Ky Furneaux (AKA the female Bear Grylls), and LeadershipHQ's CEO Sonia McDonald. Each will be able to share and provide the girls with invaluable insights and experiences that had, up until now, been previously inaccessible.

Stephanie Rice is very positive about the concept. "I was excited about being involved, especially to help the younger girls through their endless transitions and challenges. I know how physically and emotionally challenging it was to be balancing my school, swimming and social commitments when I was younger. So, I'm truly grateful to now be able to positively impact others who may be going through something similar though my talk, workshops and, of course, the one-on-one mentoring sessions," she said.

FUEL prides itself on two highly-important foundations - experience and intimacy - and they know it's crucial to keep connected with - and to present this program in a way that is relevant to - the girls. Participants can take part in a number of experiential learning formats, and events will include intimate-style Feed The Beast talks, along with interactive Strike Workshops and one-on-one mentoring sessions. These will be all be hosted at Brisbane Powerhouse. In 2018, FUEL will look at introducing immersive camps.

Need to know - Attendance at any of the talks is open to the general public to book into, but the events (workshops or one-on-one mentoring sessions) are exclusive to teenage girls in Years 7-12.

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Girl Shaped Flames

Brisbane Powerhouse

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