Tangalooma Island Resort welcomes new baby dolphin

Tangalooma Island Resort has announced the exciting arrival of a new baby dolphin to its pod of wild dolphins that visit the Resort each night at sunset.

The newborn was first sighted on Friday the 7th of June and has since been observed on six separate occasions, delighting both staff and visitors alike.

Silhouette, affectionately called 'Sil,' has been a devoted mother to her new calf in the waters around Tangalooma. The 19-year-old dolphin, already mum to 9-year-old Betts and 5-year-old Comet, seems overjoyed with her newest addition. Both older brothers have been sticking close to the family during Tangalooma's sunset dolphin encounters.

While the calf is still young, measuring about 80cm and weighing an estimated 15-20kg, it's too early to determine its gender. However, it appears to be healthy and thriving. The little one is already a strong and confident swimmer, signs that point to a high chance of survival in the wild.

The young dolphin is already showing a playful and independent personality, much like its mother. In a heartwarming display of community, another male dolphin from the pod named Calypso has been seen acting as a babysitter, giving Silhouette a break during her Tangalooma visits. This cooperative behaviour highlights the strong social bonds within the pod and the natural harmony of marine life in Moreton Bay.

Tangalooma's Eco Centre and Dolphin says  'We look forward to seeing much more of this spirited little calf as it matures. It is typical for the calf to nurse from mum for around 12-24 months and will begin to hunt and take fish in the wild when it is around six months old."

Tangalooma’s Eco Rangers are careful not to feed the calf until at least 24 months old, allowing the young dolphin to first learn all essential hunting skills independently, promoting its long-term survival and welfare in the wild.

Tangalooma Island Resort has been hosting this same pod of wild dolphins every night since the 1980s. Guests of the Resort have the unique opportunity to interact responsibly with these magnificent creatures, participating in a supervised feeding experience that educates and inspires conservation awareness.

The Dolphin Care Team, consisting of Eco Rangers and dedicated staff, run the program which operates to strict guidelines to ensure the protection of the bottlenose dolphins. The dolphins come into feed, usually arriving just after sunset, and of their own accord. There are 10 dolphins in the pod. 

To ensure the dolphins maintain their natural instincts and independence, Tangalooma only feed each of the
dolphins no more than 10 to 20 percent of their daily food requirement. This ensures they also hunt for themselves and can survive on their own.

Tangalooma Island Resort is located on the western side of Moreton Island, just a short 75 min boat ride from Brisbane. Known for its pristine beaches, clear waters, and unique wildlife experiences, Tangalooma offers a range of activities including dolphin feeding, snorkelling, and whale watching, making it a popular destination for families and nature enthusiasts alike.

Images and video courtesy of Tangalooma Island Resort.

Tangalooma Island Resort

Moreton Island


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