Lano & Woodley: Singin' Some Songs

Lano & Woodley have dusted the cobwebs off some old songs, written some new jokes and are coming live to your living room next weekend!

One of Australia's funniest comedy duos, the boys have put their heads together (1.5 metres apart, of course) and declared themselves in charge of cheering us all up.

After more than two months in isolation, the comedy legends, like the rest of us, are in dire need of a pick-me-up and something to chortle at. 

Zooming live across Australia and the Universe for 2 nights only, Colin Lane and Frank Woodley will serenade you, your family and as many guests as the Queensland Government will allow you to have in your home.  

No doubt Col will have been having some difficulty coping with isolation and who better to taunt him about that than Frank? Join Australia's favourite dickwits as they do their very best to entertain you in the comfort of your lounge room. 

Lano & Woodley

Singin' Some Songs

Live on Zoom

May 29+30 


Come & Play on the Gold Coast: