Fun Palace


The State Library of Queensland will be transformed into a Fun Palace* in October, where the worlds of art and science collide.

For just one day, everyone is an artist, everyone a scientist (the Fun Palace motto) at SLQ, which opens its doors for people of all ages, particularly families, to try their hand at a range of artistic and scientific disciplines all in the one place.

Fun Place SLQ 2018

Inventors, researchers, artists, performers, storytellers, and adventurers from across the community will gather to share their skills and let attendees show off their talents.

Fun Place SLQ 2018

Here the young (and young at heart) will be able to make art with a twist and take part in experiments and games, draw, write, dance, and explore the scientific mysteries of our weird and wonderful world.

Fun Place SLQ 2018

There’s DIY laptop maintenance, water bomb painting, thermo graphic tshirt printing, sci-fi writing masterclass and playing and experimenting with non-Newtonian fluid and more…!

Fun Place SLQ 2018

And if further proof is needed that art and science go together like peanut butter and jelly, look no further than some of history’s greatest figures who were both artists and scientists: Leonardo da Vinci (artist and inventor), Einstein (scientist and violin player), Brian Cox (physicist & keyboard player), Helen Beatrix Potter (author, illustrator and natural scientist), Hedy Lamarr (actress and applied scientist/inventor) and Oliver Sacks (writer and neurologist).

To follow in their footsteps, be sure to come along to this free fun family-friendly event. Drop-in and bookable activities are available.

*The notion of Fun palaces was conceived in the 1960s by architect Cedric Price and Joan Littlewood as a 'laboratory of fun' or a university of the streets' that was a portable temporary home to the arts and sciences that was open to all. The idea didn't come to fruition until 2014 in the UK, when it captured the imagination of a nation and the Fun Palace was born. Since opening across the world in 2014, pop-up Fun Palaces* have been taking the world by storm, with 124000 participating globally in 292 events by 2016.

Fun Palace & SLQ are valued partners of Must do

Fun Palace

The Edge & Knowledge Walk

State Library of Qld

Oct 6 10-3




Stanley Place South Brisbane

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