Riesling is back baby! For too long and perhaps even still for some consumers, Riesling carries a bad name with a perception that it is a cheap and sweet.
Spring time is so close you can smell it! The weather is getting slightly warmer and the plants are starting to show some colour. Lazy bodies
Road trip! These two words more often than not seem to create a little excitement. But this was a road trip with a difference.
A pharmacist came out recently disagreeing with the caution suggested to drinking when pregnant. I mention this because drinking while pregnant along with other warnings and
Cider dates back to Roman times but really took off in the 1300s in England. In the 1700s it became quite common for worker to be paid by cider where the average wage was 3-4 pints a day. Not a bad incentive to work hard.
There’s a perception that wines which are blended, that is a bringing together different varieties, are inferior to a single variety on its own. This couldn’t be further from the truth.
The wine retail market is dominated by the supermarket duopoly. Coles and Woolworths have more than 70% of the market which is a shame for the little guys. The greater shame is the smaller retailers are being squeezed out of the market
The Riverina region in southern New South Wales spans an area of approximately 350km and sits on the Murrumbidgee River. It is the largest wine producing region in New South Wales and has gained an international reputation
Having skipped across the Granite Belt numerous times, I often wonder what it was about these soils that deliver some great wines. Some vineyards look like a granite kitchen bench top smashed up into fine pieces with a grape vine growing out of it. Poor soils on the face of it indeed. But further to that, which variety can be hung as the flagship of the region?
Walking into a bottle shop can be a daunting prospect. Some people buy on price. Others always go to the old faithful and fear to stray. Then there are those who are daring and always search out a new label or variety. But what about the label? There are so many and so diverse. Is it the colour which attracts? The text or font perhaps?
State of Origin is just around the corner, and despite the fierce rivalry between Queensland and New South Wales, there is much to embrace south of the Tweed.
Mother’s Day is a great day to splash out on Mum. Tables across the country will be surrounded by families sharing laughs, great food and perhaps some wine.
With Brisbane temperatures dipping below 18 degrees of an evening now, seems like the locals have their feathers ruffled. Out come the beanies, scarves and all those things we need to keep warm when winter hits. It’s a great relief many locals don’t live in Melbourne!
It is easy to scoff at a sub ten dollar wine and assume it is below par. Granted there are a significant number of wines which fall into that category, there are plenty of shining lights however.

Top Things To Do In Brisbane This Week

2019Archibald Prize finalist Mirra Whale is having her first solo exhibition
A new show has been added for A Conversation on Narcos at The Tivoli
‘Unlearning’ brings together new and recent artworks
The Brisbane BBQ Festival is an epic 2-day celebration of music, meat and fire
Sunsets by Sanctuary Cove is a fantastic 2-day festival
Coffee aficionados won't want to miss The Lanes Coffee Festival
There's no better time to get out and explore Brisbane’s backyards
Australia’s ultimate stair climbing challenge takes place at the Gabba
Colin Thiele’s much loves coming-of-age story is brought to magical life