Playhouse Studio 1

Gain a fascinating insight into Aboriginal Australia when the riveting dance creation CO_EX_EN arrives at QPAC’s Playhouse Studio 1 from February 12-15.  

In Aboriginal culture, it’s a common belief that there’s a site where the physical and spiritual meet, and where the passing of lore between two co-existing worlds occurs. Boomerangs clap, possum-skin drums thud, singing and chanting echo, while feet rhythmically stomp. And then total silence as the site is suspended.

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It’s the story of this site which is depicted as a physical being in Thomas E.S. Kelly’s production of CO_EX_EN. Combining wit, humour and a unique choreographic style, Kelly strives to ignite a conversation about our past, present and future, and just how Aboriginal Australia fits into the modern world.

Nice to know – A 15-minute Q&A follows the dance performance.

Need to know – CO_EX_EN is part of Karul Projects’ double bill with Taree Sansbury’s mi:wi. Buy tickets to both productions for just $50 combined (conditions apply).

By Dominique Falk

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Playhouse Studio 1


Russell St

South Bank

Feb 12-15

$25-$35 + trans fee

136 246