Bille Brown Theatre

Antigone is a modern retelling of Sophocles’ timeless tragedy playing at Bille Brown Theatre from October 26 to November 16.

A great city has been torn apart by a civil war between two brothers, who died fighting each other. A new leader has declared that one will be buried in honour, while the other will be disgraced by leaving his body unburied on the battlefield.

Their heart-broken, grieving sister, Antigone, challenges the leader for the right to bury and mourn her dead brother with dignity, sparking an act of rebellion that will shake the city to its foundations. 

Antigone has been adapted for Queensland Theatre by award-winning Brisbane playwright, Merlynn Tong,  and stars Christen O’Leary and Jessica Tovey, after their triumphant pairing in Twelfth Night. 

By Deb Lidster

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Bille Brown Theatre

78 Montague Rd

South Brisbane

Oct 26-Nov 16

From $35

1800 355 528

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