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Whepstead wellington point

Whepstead  house and yard in Wellington Point

When first built this grand white manor house (named Fernbourne) was considered one of the finest at the bay, with sweeping views to sea and up and down the coast.

Designed by Claude Chambers of Raymont Lodge fame, it was built in 1889 for Gilbert Burnett, JP, a wealthy landowner, timber mill proprietor, prominent member of local Divisional boards and one time employee of the ‘father of the Qld sugar industry’ Louis Hope of nearby Ormiston House sugar plantation.

In the post boom depression of the early 1890’s he became insolvent and sold the house whereupon its name was changed to Whepstead and a series of high profile owners and tenants followed, including a Minister for Public Lands and the widow of a similar minister.

From 1943 to 1973 it was a private hospital known as Bay View and since then it has largely operated as a functions centre. Legend has it that the place is haunted, with reports that lights go on and off, objects move around and ghostly presences have been seen and felt.


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