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John Mills House yeronga

John Mills House and gardens in Yeronga

By the early 20th century Yeronga was well established as a desirable place of residence for Brisbane’s growing middle class, including printer John Mills who from 1909 had traded as John Mills Himself and in 1919 moved into a building that was part of the Charlotte St group (and still has his sign on its parapet).

His family house circa 1914, is a fine example of a picturesque timber villa set in a garden of tallow wood trees, and boasting a notably fine ornate interior. At the time the estate was 2 acres and sat in the vicinity of other earlier grand Yeronga homes that survive today, such as Como and Astolat.

John resided here until his death in 1934 and his wife Sarah, who survived him remained in the house until her death in 1953. Fortunatelly it was acquired in the late 1980s by a heritage conservation writer who meticulously restored it to its current state.


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