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Jc Slaughter Falls mt coot-tha

BBQ area inside JC Slaughter Falls Walk Mt Coot-tha

This is a beautiful bushy gorge with grassy creek banks for picnics and barbecues, an open air bush chapel and a resident flock of sulphur-crested cockatoos. Two interlinked tracks, the Aboriginal Art Trail and the Summit Track originate here.

1. Aboriginal Art Trail - A short easy hike of about 20 minutes, via a dirt track that loops through the bush and contains several primitive arrangements of rocks and sticks in lieu of prehistoric cave paintings. The piece de resistance is a jutting timber platform from which to view a cascade of rocks in the dry season and the impressive Slaughter Falls in the wet. Child friendly.

2. Summit Track - For the more intrepid hiker the Art Trail links to this Summit walk, a steep-at-times 2 km jaunt via scrubby open eucalypt forest to the top of Mt-Coot-tha - where the reward for effort is Brisbane’s most panoramic hilltop view and a refreshment at the kiosk. The return trip to and from JC Slaughter takes about 1 to 1.5 hours.


outdoors walks bush

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