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Mowbray Park east brisbane

Mowbray Park seen from across Brisbane River

A rare turn of the century riverside park close to the city, Mowbray Park is a remnant of the riverine estate established in 1850 by the father of East Brisbane Reverend Thomas Mowbray and on which his house once stood.

Once handed to the Sth Brisbane City Council by his son in 1904 it was set up for recreational use and of the facilities erected in the following years the boat shed, croquet and bowls club remain.

Public baths were built and operated from 1919 to 1969, and their heritage listed remains - including porphyry steps with a handrail to nowhere and the porphyry retaining walls - can still be seen down at the ferry terminal.

Today this formal park with its striking World War I memorial is a delightful place for a stroll along the formal pathways lined with palms, jacarandas and figs or a picnic in the groves of eucalypts and pines.

With its barbecues with views and a shaded children’s playground it also makes a decent family hang-out.


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