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C Fruit Life brisbane cbd

C Fruit Life is creating delectable shaved ice cream desserts topped with fresh fruit on bustling Elizabeth Street in Brisbane.

The inner-city store is inviting, with vibrant colours on the walls and plenty of seating for dessert lovers to dine in.

The dessert menu is rather large, featuring a range of mien mien ice bowls, pancakes, smoothies and more. The mango pancake is a popular dish, featuring a combination of mango, cream and a pancake casing – it’s perfect for the sweet tooth’s in town.

There are several mien mien ice flavours, each as colourful as the next. The blueberry flavour is one of the fresh fruit flavours, which is then topped with even more fresh fruit. The dessert is very light; you’ll be surprised at how much you can eat!

To top of off C Fruit Life creates a range of smoothies – the mango smoothie with coconut milk and grass jelly is recommended by staff and is quite the thirst quencher.

Need to know – public transport hubs are nearby. Items can be taken away.



By Zoe Kirby


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