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Luigi's Italian west end

Luigi's Italian West End

Luigi's Italian is a bona fide, intimate Italian restaurant on West End's colourful Hardgrave Road, by the creative Pizzartist and Holloway Eyewear team.

The ambient and quirky restaurant, which used to be an eyewear store, features décor inspired by Holloway, with chandeliers made of hand-crafted glasses and Holloway's unique eyewear surrounding the dining space. The tables and chairs have all been hand-crafted, upcycled in the Holloway workshop underneath the restaurant. Indoor and outdoor seating is available for diners.

Luigi's Italian West End

The menu is abundant with dishes inspired by Italian flavours, but the talented chefs have also incorporated tastes and ingredients from around the world.

Luigi's Italian West End

Unique dishes adorn the menu, such as the Caprese which is a refreshing entrée. The dish combines the flavours of a watermelon pickle, mozzarella, mint, basil and it is dressed with balsamic.

Luigi's Italian West End

For something a little heartier for entrée, try the Parmigiana which is a stack of eggplant, homemade tomato Napoli, garlic, mozzarella, parmesan and topped with basil.

Luigi's Italian West End

Dig into the Funghi for a truly authentic pasta experience. The penne pasta is dressed with porcini and field mushrooms, garlic, parsley, béchamel and truffle – with a side of their old-world sourdough to soak up the extra sauce.

Luigi's Italian West End

Also worth checking out is the pizza menu – which Luigi’s is renowned for. The 4 Stagioni (four seasons) is a popular choice, spilt into four quarters, one with olives, mushroom, artichoke and prosciutto, all topped with mozzarella. The dough is made fresh on site, as well as the toppings.

Before dessert, it is recommended to consider a palette cleanser, with a popular choice being the Apple Gin.

When it comes the time for dessert, the traditional Tiramisu almost looks too good to eat, alongside the Ambrosia – a mandarin marshmallow mousse that is particularly refreshing after a heavy meal.

The wine menu is just as good as the food, with wines sourced from Italy, Greece and Australia. Beer is also available.

By Zoe Kirby


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