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Rania's Restaurant woodridge

Rania's Restaurant, Woodridge

Rania's Restaurant is an authentic African eatery serving Somalian cuisine, found in a nondescript southside shopping centre in the culturally-diverse suburb of Woodridge. 

The fare is a fusion of traditional Somali food influenced by Ethiopian, Arabic, Turkish, Indian and Italian cuisine due to the country's nomadic culture.

Rania's Restaurant, Woodridge

Open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner, breakfast fare consists of canjeero with odkac (sourdough pancake with preserved meat or jerky) or malawax (sweet pancake served with blueberries). 

Rania's Restaurant, Woodridge

Lunch and dinner dishes range from rice with lamb and salad, sabaayad (Somali flat bread) served with maraq (stew) or Somalia's most popular dish - suqaar (sautéed lamb, beef or chicken cooked with carrot, capsicum and onion). Otherwise, there's jollof rice also known as benachin - a one-pot rice dish rice made with tomatoes, onion and aromatic spices - and the Italian-influenced suugo (mince sauce) served with pasta. 

Rania's Restaurant, Woodridge

Afterwards, enjoy traditional Somali tea (shaah) spiced with cardamom, cloves, ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg) best accompanied by a sweet such as skaramati (sweet dumplings), roodi shinnidhaab (honeycomb bread), shishimow (deep fried shell shaped pastries) and halwa - a gelatinous treat like Turkish delight.

*Opening hours were correct at time of visiting in October 2017

By Deb Lidster


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