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The Weight Of Light spring hill reservoir

The Weight of Light is a mesmerizing walk-through art installation transforming Brisbane’s most intriguing underground space, heritage-listed Spring Hill Reservoir.

The original water storage source for the city of Brisbane, the cavernous space with its gothic arches takes on a futuristic form with the stunning works commissioned by Brisbane artist Meagan Streader.

The Weight of Light

With electroluminescent wire framing the reservoir’s architectural features, visitors will be immersed in wonderment as they descend the steep stairs and walk through and under the lines of light that have been carefully mapped by wire.

The Weight of Light

Stretched across space, wrapped around architectural features and crafting new shapes and spaces in the air, the artist’s wire creates pathways through familiar locales, inviting visitors to experience the space in a whole new way.

Nice to know - Exhibited nationally and internationally, Streader’s work reflects the minimalist art of the Light and Space movement and reveals the pervasive role of light in governing physical and social navigations of fabricated spaces.