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Sam Simmons brisbane powerhouse

If seeing “one of the most daring and unconventional comedians this planet has ever seen” appeals to you, look no further than Sam Simmons - Radical Women of Latin American Art 1960 - 1985, Brisbane Powerhouse, March 23 – 25 March.

If that sounds like a rather weird name for a stand-up show at the Brisbane Comedy Festival, it is. That’s because Simmons is one of our country’s more offbeat funnymen, with the Adelaide Advertiser saying recently that his show was “a fantastic offering from one of Australia’s weirdest comic talents”.

Then again, another supposed review from Jane B on Trip Advisor said, “Terrible, to get to the breakfast buffet required a very long walk, using 3 moving stairs!!! Never again.” Well, you can’t please everyone.

Radical Women of Latin American Art 1960 – 1985 sees Simmons turning the world of the art movement of urban Puerto Rico in the 1970s upside down and inside out. Not that many of us know a whole lot about it anyway but he’s eager to enlighten us after being inspired by an art show he saw in L.A. As a result, Simmons will be giving a lecture – lectern, slides and all – and being his absurd and silly self. In fact, he’s known as the silliness ambassador in chief to a world that spends too much time trying to ‘get the point’. We’re promised that this show will in fact be pointless.

Simmons has a string of awards to his name – for Best Comedy Performance in the Helpmann Awards, Barry Award for Best Show at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, and the Edinburgh Comedy Award at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. He’s appeared on BBC’s Live at the Apollo, performed stand-up on the Conan O’Brien Show in the U.S. and has his own TV series about fruit in development in the U.S.

*9.30pm; Sun 8.30pm; Fri Prv $28, Sat $39, Sun $35


By Vicki Englund

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