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Once In Royal David's City playhouse qpac

Once in Royal David’s City

Queensland Theatre pays tribute to former Artistic Director, Michael Gow, with a production of his play, Once in Royal David’s City, at the Playhouse, QPAC.

Described as ‘intriguing, moving, thought-provoking theatre’, the play has a broad scope, starting in the 1950s and leading up to the present, with settings from West Berlin to Byron Bay. Dealing with the death of a loved one, it has themes about facing mortality, faith, relationships between mothers and sons, and the brilliant possibilities of life and art.

Queensland Theatre’s current Artistic Director, Sam Strong, directs Once in Royal David’s City, after helming a sold-out production of Jasper Jones for the Melbourne Theatre Company. This will be his fourth production with Queensland Theatre, and is a co-production with Perth’s Black Swan State Theatre Company. (The play will also be presented in Perth.)

The talented cast bringing Michael Gow’s brilliant words to life include Jason Klarwein (Macbeth), Adam Booth, Penny Everingham, Emma Jackson, Toni Scanlan, Adam Sollis, Kaye Stevenson and Steve Turner.

Although the play’s subject matter might seem heavy, Director Strong assures audiences it’s “as entertaining as it is affecting or thought-provoking. Michael has a uniquely gentle sense of humour and a compassion that shines through.”


By Vicki Englund