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Murder Mystery Train qld pioneer steam railway

Take a murder mystery vintage train ride in the newly restored Sunlander Dining carriages of the 1950's for an unforgettable night of fantasy and mystery in the next instalment of 'One Upon a Serial Killer'.

The latest interactive murder mystery from InsideOutside Theatre Company is set enroute to Biarritz in 1936, with an intriguing cast of charcters on board.

Guests get to observe as they interact, slowly being drawn into their web of lies, and ending in a horrible death. Then over dinner in the vintage dining carts the audience plays detective, trying their skills at solving the whodunit.

On board there'll be a full dinner service circa 1950s, with an Entrée of Soup, Mains of Roast Chicken Dinner, Salmon Fettuccine, Classic Bangers and Mash with peas and gravy or Leek and Mushroom Risotto, followed by Dessert of Banoffee Pie or Mini Pavlova with fresh cream or fruit. Wine and spirits are also available.

Nice to know - Guests are encouraged to dress up 1930s style for the occasion.