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Merrick Watts brisbane city hall

Merrick Watts has spent the last year gigging in clubs around the country so he should be in fine form for his stand-up show, Man of the Hour, at Brisbane City Hall, as part of the Brisbane Comedy Festival.

Formerly one half of the enormously popular comedy and Triple J radio hosting duo, Merrick and Rosso, Watts has carved out a fine niche for himself as a solo act, from hosting Triple M’s Merrick and Australia, to acting in TV’s Underbelly – A Tale of Two Cities (Channel 9), and ABC’s Hollowmen. Now he’s doing his first solo stand-up tour, with the man himself giving it the seal of approval: “I don’t normally like people who talk about themselves in the third person but I love this guy.”

So, what can you expect from Man of the Hour? For one thing, Watts attempts to answer all the questions nobody else is asking, like, “Where did all the bull ants go? Now we have sink holes. Coincidence? I think not!” Well, he doesn’t claim to have the right answers! But he assures us he’s worked really hard on the new show and wants you to like it and tell your friends about it on social media because he’s very needy and requires constant attention. So, spread the word!

Twenty years in the making, Merrick Watts’s first solo stand-up comedy show should be one that’s been well worth waiting for, so make sure you go and see this entertaining man of the hour.


By Vicki Englund

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