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Little Historians Festival newstead house

The Little Historians Festival at Brisbane's oldest residence, Newstead House, invites big and little historians to come along for a family fun day to experience a taste of what it was like in days gone by, before electricity was invented.

Perfect for families with kids aged 5-12 years, but with an open invitation to all ages, the festival will feature heritage games on the green, crafts, dancing, a penny farthing bike and more. You can even don some period clothing if you wish to really get into the pioneering spirit.


Get a taste of colonial life with a variety of activities such as working in Kate’s garden – a hands-on experience where kids learn how important the garden was for people living at Newstead House in the 1850s. Or help the Victoria era cook, Mrs. Fletcher, looking at and handling kitchen utensils and other historic objects in the kitchen. Or find out what it was like to do a pile of washing before electricity was invented. No rinse and spin cycles back then. 


Adding to the atmosphere will be the roving quintet STEAMBOAT, who wil be performing from 9.30-11.30am.

It’s a wonderful opportunity for budding historians to soak up the ambience and charm of Brisbane’s oldest surviving residence (the first part of which was built in 1846), which has hosted esteemed guests and residents such as Sir Charles Darwin, the first Superintendent of Parks and Gardens, Henry Moore (whose works grace Brisbane to this day), and other government and military officials.


Nice to know - Bring a picnic along and take advantage of the shady grounds of this elegant homestead with views out to Brisbane River. 

Need to know - Tickets are available online (+trans fee) or at the door on the day.


By Vicki Englund