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Landscape With Monsters brisbane powerhouse

Landscape with Monsters Brisbane Powerhouse

Get ready to gasp at the breathtaking new circus-theatre show from Circa, Landscape with Monsters, at the Brisbane Powerhouse from 22 – 25 February.

Created by Circa’s Artistic Director, Yaron Lifschitz, and the Circa Ensemble, Landscape with Monsters promises plenty of thrills with the fearless feats from the acrobats and other performers. Says Lifschitz of Circa’s unique take on this form of entertainment, “There are no traditional circus acts, no trapezes and not a red nose in sight. Instead, from a world of simple wooden boxes, a hard floor and tall metal structures, the meeting between ourselves and our environment is thrillingly brought to life.”

Landscape with Monsters Brisbane Powerhouse

The narrative of the intriguing show is about post-industrial cities now in decay, with the question ultimately being asked of the audience as to whether we are the monsters living in the landscapes that surround us. Popular songs and electronic music provide the soundtrack as the performers combine their special mix of art and super-human feats of strength and agility.

Landscape with Monsters Brisbane Powerhouse

Circa’s award-winning works have been seen and appreciated in 37 countries, and the company attracts the world’s best circus performers and acrobats. Come along to Landscape with Monsters and you’ll see why our home-grown Brisbane circus company is truly world-class. The show is a Circa and Merrigong Theatre Company co-production.


By Vicki Englund