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Ipswich Heritage Day cooneana heritage centre

Ipswich Heritage Day, Ipswich

Ipswich Heritage Day is a fascinating and fun way to step back in time for a day of nostalgia at Cooneana Heritage Centre.

The site’s museum will be open for a visit, showing the history of Ipswich and its mining past, and there’ll be exhibits from the Ipswich Hospital Museum and displays of antique machinery.

Ipswich Heritage Day, Ipswich

In attendance will be the Military Jeep Club and Historic Motorcycles as well as Blacksmiths and Metal Artisans, Ipswich Mini Crafters and Spinners and Weavers demonstrating their crafts and showing off their wares.

Ipswich Heritage Day, Ipswich

For those interested in tracing their ancestry, the Ipswich Geneology Society will be on hand to speak to and throughout the day will be interesting presentations on the history of Ipswich.

Nice to know - The day is an initiative of the Ipswich Historical Society, who are located at the Cooneana Heritage Centre.