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Emily Brown And The Thing cremorne theatre

Emily Brown and the Thing QPAC

A heartwarming story about bedtime in childhood is charmingly played out in Tall Stories’ hit show, Emily Brown and the Thing, at the Cremorne Theatre, QPAC, December 12 – 23.

Something MONSTROUS is keeping Emily Brown awake. Thus goes the opening premise of this musical, comical, physical theatre- and puppet-filled show presented by the same team who brought us The Gruffalo and The Snail and The Whale. In Tall Stories’ typically magical and exhilarating way, they act out the story from the much loved book by Cressida Cowell (How To Train Your Dragon) and Neal Layton.

Emily Brown and the Thing QPAC

In Emily Brown and the Thing, Emily and her old grey rabbit, Stanley, find a Thing crying outside their window. He’s lost his cuddly and absolutely can’t get to sleep without it. Emily and Stanley go off into the Dark and Scary Wood in search of the missing cuddly but then find out that the Thing has other needs as well.

Emily Brown and the Thing QPAC

It’s a clever tale that’s really about the numerous excuses children make at night so they can leave the light on, and emphasises the importance of listening to them to find out what is actually troubling them.

Emily Brown and the Thing QPAC

An acclaimed production, the show received a five-star review from The Edinburgh Guide with the comments: “A brilliant show: funny, touching, and completely satisfying.” It’s sure to enchant your young ones and has the added benefit of being enjoyable for adults as well. The talented Tall Stories team includes Director/Writer Olivia Jacobs and Creative Producer/Writer Toby Mitchell, as well as puppet designer Yvonne Stone.

Sessions are: Dec 12-20 10am & 12pm; Dec 21-23 12pm

Need to Know - Recommended for ages 3+

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By Vicki Englund

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