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Dinosaur Time Machine brisbane powerhouse

Dinosaur Time Machine, Brisbane Powerhouse

Science, circus, puppetry and imagination combine for a special school holiday treat when the award-winning Dinosaur Time Machine comes to the Brisbane Powerhouse, Sept 16 - 22.

If you've got young (and not so young) dinosaur enthusiasts climbing the walls during their time off school, take them out for this visual feast that will offer a fabulous glimpse into the prehistoric past. It's a mix of simply-presented factual information, fun and audience interaction. 

Brisbane Powerhouse Artistic Director, Kris Stewart, says of Dinosaur Time Machine, "... this performance features fossils, fun and dinosaur facts galore. Incorporating up-to-date science and discoveries made about dinosaurs and the world that they lived in, this unique experience is not only educational but also extremely funny and entertaining."

Winning Best Children's Show of the Adelaide Fringe 2016, Dinosaur Time Machine has been described as "an articulate, entertaining, educational and extremely funny mix of the science of dinosaurs and comedy." Sounds like a megasaurus holiday treat not to be missed!

Suitable for ages 5 - 9 years.

*Days & Times - Tue-Thurs 10am; Fri 10am & 1pm; Sat-Sun 12pm & 2pm


By Vicki Englund

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