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Construction Site ipswich art gallery

Construction Site Ipswich Art Gallery

Construction Site, a mega hands-on building activity that the whole family can enjoy, returns for the 4th year to Ipswich Art Gallery with an exclusive new interactive exhibit Tapescape.

Using giant foam blocks kids can build cubby houses, tall buildings or whatever is in their imagination and/or work together to create a fantasy city, while new addition Tapescape is a two-story creative play space made entirely of packing tape.

In an Ipswich exclusive and an Australian first, The Ipswich Art Gallery is bringing TapeScape artist Eric Lennartson express from the US to design and install the exhibition, which uses a mind-boggling 56000m of clear packing tape.

The artist explains it as such, “Sometimes you’re crawling, sometimes jumping, or sliding down the sides of the tunnels, and as there are no hard surfaces it’s entirely safe to play in. The tunnels bend, curve and warp as children play and as they’re a bit bouncy and slippery, they give children the experience of getting inside a structure unlike anything they are used to - it just gives them a totally different experience.How often do you get to play in something that you can see through?”

And that's not all. The gravity-powered Ball Run design challenge is back, giving budding engineers the chance to create their own Ball Run using tubes and recycled materials, or make it their aim to have the longest gravity-defying ball run yet.

There's even a fun new Blue Blocks building activity for small-scale construction.

Need to know - All day entry to Construction Site and TapeScape is only $5 per person or $15 for a Family Pass (admits up to 5 people). Free for under 2 years.

*The Ipswich Art Gallery is closed from Dec 23 to Jan 2 inclusive.