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Code-a-bot qut the cube


Code-A-Bot is an intriguing interactive digital game based around a fictional waste recycling plant run entirely by robots, at QUT’s The Cube.

Visitors are invited to try their hand at improving the efficiency of the waste recovery facility, whose robots have bugs that interfere with their ability to sort the waste into material categories for processing and recycling.


The idea is to help recode the robots and turn DERP (Department of Environmental Resource Processing) into a recycling plant for the future.

Using The Cube's digital touch screens, robots can be coded to move, sense, and collect or distribute rubbish around the facility and into the correct bins.

Fundamental to the process is the efficiency meter scoreboard, which is used to gauge how well the facility is sorting the waste. When the player starts their game the efficiency is very low, then as the player programs their bot and fits better sensors and cameras, the efficiency meter will increase. The more players correctly code and sort, the higher the efficiency will be.

Players can also work together with other players and their robots to improve efficiencies and achieve the best results for DERP.

Nice to know - Code-A-Bot will launch at QUT’s Robotronica on 20 August. Afterwards, it will be rotated on The Cube’s screens, view Cube screens for showing times. Stay tuned for details about Code-A-Bot Summer Holiday Program in January 2018

Need to know - This is a free drop-in activity, with no bookings required.

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