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Circa: Humans playhouse qpac

Circa Humans QPAC

Humans-that’s all of us-are challenged to reflect on our lives amid a flurry of acrobatic feats when Circa Contemporary Circus presents Humans at Playhouse, QPAC, Dec 6 – 9.

The internationally renowned Brisbane based ensemble will present its acclaimed production which has been performed in five countries, boasting sell-out seasons in Italy, Belgium and Romania. They also proved to be crowd pleasers at the famed Glastonbury and Edinburgh Fringe Festivals.

Circa Humans QPAC

In Humans, 10 acrobats convey a stirring journey that celebrates what it means to be fiercely human, with Circa’s typically mind-boggling feats of physical strength, agility and skill. In the work, created by Artistic Director, Yaron Lifschitz and the Circa ensemble, they encourage the audience to reflect on their lives, loved ones and the burdens they carry. It’s sure to be thrilling, at times heart-stopping and extremely entertaining.

Circa Humans QPAC

Lifschitz says that Humans is a powerful, joyous and immediate work and that the troupe is very eager to present it for the first time in their home base, Brisbane. Local audiences can be rightly proud of the world-renowned Circa, with its acrobatic virtuosity combined with the sensibility of contemporary dance and theatre.

Circa Humans QPAC

In September, Circa announced a three-year partnership with QPAC which will further enable the ensemble to push the boundaries of circus, resulting in an exciting work each year. Humans is the first performance as part of this partnership.


By Vicki Englund

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