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Brainiac Live! concert hall qpac

Brainiac Live!

Brainiac Live! is an action-packed show full of big bangs and lots of laughs that’s guaranteed to entertain and stimulate kids 7+ as it makes science fun, at Concert Hall, QPAC, January 9 – 13.

Based on the multi award-winning British entertainment documentary TV series, Brainiac: Science Abuse (often referred to as just Brainiac), Brainiac Live! is science’s greatest and most volatile show, taking you on a breathless ride through the wild world of the weird and the wonderful. And even though we don’t want to mention the word ‘educational’ if the kids can hear it, it’s also got that added benefit!

Brainiac Live!

In the mischievous show where anything can happen on stage, the audience will watch from the safety of their seats as the Brainiacs delve into the mysteries of science, resulting in exciting activity such as exploding dustbins and combusting microwaves to freezing fingers with liquid nitrogen. Do not try this at home, kids!

Brainiac Live!

They’ll ask questions like: “What’s the fastest way to spin an office chair?” And: “How do you make a really, really loud bang?” What’s not to love?

Brainiac Live!

As an added treat, kids can can upgrade their ticket and join the Brainiac Detective Academy to become a Trainee Brainiac Detective in an interactive hands-on workshop. They’ll put on their Brainiac Detective Badge and help the Brainiacs solve a robbery at HQ, using forensic science knowledge and methods. Which suspect is the guilty one?

Need to know – Recommended for ages 7+

Nice to know – Brainaic Live! is one of four fabulous SummerSet shows for kids at QPAC this summer holiday. Buy tickets to two or more of the SummerSet shows at QPAC and save $5 per ticket.

Show times:

Jan 9 & 10 - 10am, 12.30pm

Jan 11-13 12.30pm


By Vicki Englund

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