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Antigone spring hill reservoir

The powerful and ancient story of Antigone will be brought to life in the evocative underground setting of the Spring Hill Reservoir by heartBeast Theatre, from 2 – 17 June.

The Ancient Greek tragedy by Sophocles was adapted by French playwright, Jean Anouilh, during WWII, and will have modern-day tension and a dynamic physicality infused into it, according to heartBeast Artistic Director, David Paterson. “The story is timeless and so powerful,” says Paterson. “It takes a very hard look at what it means to love and commit yourself to your family, conflicting with what it means to lead a nation.”

The term ‘Greek tragedy’ of course implies that there’s a fair bit of angst in the story, and Antigone doesn’t disappoint on that count. Spoiler alert – it probably won’t end well!

The story concerns King Creon, who’s declared that anyone who attempts to bury Polynices’ body will be put to death, even though his brother – who fought on the opposite side in the Thebes civil war – was given a holy burial. Determined to honour her brother, young Antigone defies the edict and is caught in the act of trying to put Polynices to rest. Cast members include Bek Schmidt as Antigone (pronounced An-tig-o-nee) and Paddy Farrelly as Creon.

Director Paterson says that it’s dark and challenging material but that audiences will really feel for the characters and the terrible predicaments in which they find themselves. It promises to be a powerful performance as events play out in the historical performance space of the Spring Hill Reservoir.

Nice to know - Spring Hill Reservoir is located behing the Old Windmill in the park.

Need to Know – there is no wheelchair access to this venue and the staircase isn’t ideal for stiletto heels.

*School Groups 10+ $25


By Vicki Englund

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