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Arthur's Green red hill

Arthur's Green Red Hill


Arthur's Green, situated right next to the bowling green at the Red Hill Community Sports Club, is a fresh unique place to meet and is bowling over locals and visitors alike. 

For owner, Jimmy Strong, this is his second cafe - he also owns the very popular Artie and Mai at Albion and it seems he knows how to impress.

Arthur's Green Red Hill

Arthur's Green offers outdoor seating with plenty of shade in the form of large umbrellas and overhead shade-cloth sails.  For keen lawn bowls fans, there's seating right beside the green and for those who are simply looking for a chilled out cafe, there's plenty of other seating here.  In fact, everything about this cafe is cool and very inviting.  With the front counter painted in summery greens and blues, white chairs, timber tables, very quirky succulents hanging from rafters and funky posters on display, Arthur's Green has a trendy and casual "Queensland" feel. 

Sandwich on a plate

An all day menu includes tasty choices for breakfast, tea, coffee (made with Belaroma Julius beans) smoothies, sweet treats and interesting lunch offerings. Gluten free and vegetarian options are included on the menu and Bonsoy, Almond and Zymil milks are available for those with dairy intolerances. The Tropical Fizz juice (a combination of passionfruit, orange, mango and lime) is cool and refreshing on a hot day and the Ultimate Pulled Pork, Gherkin Slaw and Cheese Toastie is a meal in itself. Both food and drinks here are definitely worth checking out, with old favourites and interesting new items sharing the menu.

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So who is Arthur?  Surprisingly, perhaps, not a past or present member of the bowling community - the cafe has been named after the owner's son. This is a really delightful spot to relax and chat and is already becoming a favourite with locals.  Staff are very friendly and helpful and the service is good. Customers may just find themselves in the company of one of the Broncos players, as the club and cafe are right next to the Broncos training field.

Arthur's Green Red Hill

Need to know - There's plenty of parking on the street and in a small car park behind the sports club.

by Sandy Ludinski


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